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Photo by Chris Duzynski Photography

Give love and care: Donate to or volunteer at senior homes

When people donate their time and money to Morrow Home, they enrich our residents’ daily lives. Every day, our senior home volunteers work alongside our staff to provide physical, spiritual, emotional and social nourishment for our seniors. From helping residents bake cookies to providing funds for comfortable new mattresses, our donors and volunteers are an integral part of providing care for body and soul.

The Morrow Home Foundation

Committed to quality and Christian care, the Morrow Home Foundation helps promote and financially support Morrow Home’s needs. To differentiate gifts from daily operational income, all gifts, bequests and estates intended for Morrow Home are administered by the Foundation. Started in 1988, the Foundation’s focus is furthering quality care in our community through programs and projects that make a positive impact.

Elsa Turner Bootstrap Program

One of the Foundation’s largest projects, the Elsa Turner Bootstrap Program provides financial assistance with educational costs for employees pursuing a healthcare profession. For each $2,000 an employee receives, they agree to serve at Morrow Home in their new professional capacity for one year. This helps develop professional staff at Morrow Home, as well as encourage more people to start a healthcare profession.

Multiple projects for multiple needs

Along with the Elsa Turner Bootstrap Program, our chapel renovation and building/extension programs are the Foundation’s largest projects. Since its formation, Foundation has also helped fund the following programs and amenities:

  • Activity programs
  • Covered patio
  • Aviary
  • Hallway decorations
  • Mechanical lifts
  • Pressure relieving mattresses
  • Parkview apartment furnishings
  • Blanket and towel warming cabinet
  • High school healthcare career scholarships
  • Broda chairs
  • iPads

Photo by Chris Duzynski Photography

Over $950,000 Given for facilities improvements

Morrow Home Community is always growing and improving its facilities to meet the ever-changing needs of the community’s aging population. The Foundation has provided over $950,000 in financial assistance toward the following projects:

  • 2021 Creekside Assisted Living (36 apartments)
  • 2012 North Wing Rehabilitation Unit (11 suites)
  • Bridgepath Apartments Advanced Assisted Living (28 suites)
  • Marycrest Apartments Assisted Living (24 apartments)
  • Parkview Apartments (22 apartments)
  • 1994 Homestead Apartments renovation (24 apartments)
  • 1993 Nursing Home addition (55 new beds)

Donate your time and money

We offer multiple nearby volunteer opportunities. If you feel called to support the Morrow Home Foundation, you may donate money online or fill out our volunteer application (PDF). You may also designate your donation for a specific project or volunteer for specific programs.

Contact Us Today

Our residents and employees thank you for your support. For additional information or questions about donating to or volunteering at our senior or nursing homes, get in touch with us today.